Divorce Torture Coach was created in response the the website TortureTraumaTherapy.Com. 

Not many therapist, counselors, or coaches are aware that parents and children are being tortured in the family court system. December of 2020 an advocate who also has a mental health degree discovered this was happening. Out of the need to have qualified professionals help others being tortured through the court system this coaching service was created. During our free consultation credentials can be discussed. 

Several different programs have been created to meet different needs of different aspects within the family court system. Their is no other therapist, counselor, or coach that is providing these kinds of sessions. This is the first coaching platform of it's kind. 

Case consultations are done with other therapist, counselors, and coaches who may want to know more or need assistance with a client's case.  

Free Situational Journal 


Coaching is available and so are one time appointments. 


Help parents and children deal with the torture of the family court system by creating coaching sessions that deal with specific issues. 

Learn which therapy techniques are the bet used for torture in women, men, and children.

Providing as much helpful information in a session as possible.


To educate parents, children, and therapist that families are torn apart and trauma is created by the use of no touch torture technique mobbing. 

To help parents realize this is not a abusive mother or father issue, but a family court issues of corruption.